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29 Sep 2015

Email Processing Position claims to help you make $25 for every email you process, and provide you with the potential to earn $273,750 a year, all through passive income. According to the website, all training material will be provided in order to help you get up and running.

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Email Processing Position how it Works

Before getting into the details, perhaps the most important thing to note is that the Email Processing 4 Cash system has nothing to do with “processing emails”—or anything else for that matter. Instead, it is an internet marketing system where you earn a $25 commission for every person you enroll in the program.

Here are the basics of how Email Processing Position works: After paying your enrollment fee (more about this in the following section), you’ll then be enrolled as a “member.” According to the company’s website, you’ll be ready to begin earning in three simple steps:

·         Step 1: Set Up Your Email Process System  Website – If you have experience designing/coding websites, this should be relatively easy, as the information appears to be mostly text-based. If you’d like the company to set up your website for you, they can do so for an additional fee.

·         Step 2: Choose a Payment System – This is where your $25 commissions will be sent. Email Processing system only accepts PayPal and Payza.

·         Step 3: Post Your Ads – The company’s website claims you’ll just need to post three ads per day in order to start bringing in money. To help you with this process, the company provides a relatively extensive amount of reference material, including pre-written ads, tutorials on how/where to post, top cities for ad traffic, headline ideas, marketing strategies, and more.

Once this occurs, you’ll post ads to popular sites such as Craigslist and Backpages. If someone views your ad and decides to enroll, you’ll be credited as their “sponsor,” and will earn a $25 commission once they’ve paid through your URL. So in reality, you’re not processing emails, nor would you be selling any product or service—essentially all you’ll be doing is convincing other people to sign up for the program, and you’ll earn a $25 commission as a result.

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